Presentations for 2011

March 2011
Presenter: Nick Koston
Nick Koston explored using Devel::NYTProf, Benchmark, and Data::Dumper to optimize Perl code. He explored some of the reasons that Perl code can be slow, and how to fix it.
April 2011
Presenter: Gordon Child
Gordon described the problem with testing Web Applications. He demonstrated using Selenium to test applications by automating different browsers to actually execute the web application.
May 2011
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
In this talk, Wade introduces the basics of automated testing assuming little knowledge of the Perl testing culture. The purpose of the presentation is not to make you an expert tester, but to introduce the concepts, tools, and reasoning behind automated testing in Perl.
July 2011
Presenter: Gordon Child
Gordon Child presented the Cobbler installation system. It supports rapid deployment and configuration of servers via a network boot.
August 2011
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark Allen will be presenting the "Intro to Dancer" talk he gave at OSCON 2011. If he has time, Mark has also offered to give a quick overview of some of the Perl information he learned at OSCON.
September 2011
Presenter: Brett Estrade

Brett talked about the Qore programming language. The syntax of the language has some elements in common with Perl. On the other side, Qore has some strong features for concurrency as a fundamental feature.

Presenter: Jake Gelbman

Next, Jake described some work he has done recently for converting ranges of IP addresses in various forms into a set of IP addresses. This talk was more low-level than most presentations.

Finally, we had a series of lightning talks that covered several different topics.

October 2011
Presenter: Reini Urban
Perl programs are normally compiled from script into memory and executed without a separate compilation step. The standard distribution once had a program that could compile as Perl script into a standalone executable. In this talk, Reini Urban describes the Perl compiler and some of the issues with updating this program to modern Perl versions.
November 2011
Presenter: brian d foy
brian gave a presentation listing some of the Perl idioms and tricks he found during an examination of some of his code. This presentation was originally presented at YAPC::Brasil.