Presentations for 2010

January 2010
Presenter: Will Willis
Will presented an introduction to Perl for complete beginners, assuming no prior knowledge of Perl.
February 2010
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade continued the introductory Perl theme with more information about the Perl community and Perl documentation. He also walked the group through solving a (mostly) real-world problem.
March 2010
Presenter: Robert Boone
Robert did a quick overview, with example code, of some of the web development frameworks available to Perl programmers.
April 2010
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd introduced Object Oriented programming in Perl using the Moose library. Unlike most Moose talks, Todd targeted people with less OO experience, teaching Moose without an assumption of familarity with Perl OO Programming.
May 2010
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade introduced a few of the major programming paradigms and explained how they relate to Perl. There were a few examples and a fair bit of discussion.
June 2010
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade previewed the talk he will present at YAPC::NA 2010. This lead to a lively discussion about the capabilities of the SVG image format. Todd Rinaldo asked for help on the Net::Ident module.
July 2010
Presenter: Erin Schoenhals
Erin demonstrated some of the low-level code needed to work with MIDI and WAV files in Perl. In the process, he demonstrated some of the basics of generating sound with Perl.
September 2010
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
This was a much more entry-level presentation, aimed at introducing computer-savvy individuals to basic programming. Wade walked through the process of automating a few repetitive tasks with a little relatively simple code.
October 2010
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd gave a short presentation showing how Dist::Zilla simplifies the maintainence of CPAN-compatible modules. Afterward, we applied the experience and skills of the group to solving a problem presented by one of the attendees.
November 2010
Presenter: Erin Schoenhals
Erin describes the new Filesys::POSIX module that provides a POSIX-compliant virtual file system in Perl.