Presentations for 2004

February 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
Although the focus of the presentation was benchmarking, Chuck covered other topics such as the DATA file handle and the differences between our and my variables.
March 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
As you should expect from Perl, there are several ways to process command line options. Chuck covers several methods from manual processing through several modules that provide better interfaces.
April 2004
Topic: Discussion of mail conversion
Presenter: Charles Bentley
April didn't have slides as we discussed a mail conversion project and the tools used to handle problems.
May 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
The standard Perl distribution comes with a large number of goodies in the form of standard modules. Although there was not enough time to cover all of these modules in depth, Chuck did cover many of the most useful modules.
June 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
This presentation was a grab-bag of some important features of the language, including statement modifiers, loop control, regular expression options, and the map operator.
July 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
This presentation began a series on Perl and the Internet with the Template Toolkit.
August 2004
Presenter: Charles Bentley
We got into since we had covered the basics of what you could do with TT2 without using CGI, so we covered enough of to allow continued exploration of TT2 if desired.
September 2004
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade gave a quick introduction to Perl/TK. We walked through building a simple GUI and covered a few techniques for making Perl/Tk programs more maintainable.
October 2004
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade gave a brief introduction to the Perl DBI. The DBI is Perl's new modular relational database framework. We discussed how to call the DBI for a particular RDBMS, a little SQL overview, and some of the ways to extract data with DBI.
November 2004
Topic: vim Tips and Tricks
Presenter: Paul Archer
Paul gave a short presentation on some of the interesting features of the vim editor. Unfortunately, we don't have any of the content to display, because most of the presentation showed Paul walking us through the features. Even long-time users of vim gained some ideas from this talk.
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Most people are used to the concept of web servers by now. This presentation shows how easy Perl makes building one. Although any production system would use a real web server like Apache, sometimes a small single-user webserver can solve a problem. Wade demonstrated how to build a web server that serves static pages from disk and one that displays dynamic content using the HTTP::Daemon module.