About Houston.pm

Houston.pm is a group of people who use the Perl programming language. Some of us use Perl in our jobs (officially or unofficially), others just like to play with the language.

We have all level of members from complete novices to very experienced Perl programmers working in Perl daily and more than willing to share their expertise.

Our Goals

The Houston branch of the Perl Mongers has several goals. In no particular order, our goals include:

Join Us

Unlike many groups, Houston.pm is pretty informal. Feel free to come to meetings to meet us, learn more about Perl, and share your knowledge and experience with Perl.

We have a mailing list. To join, go to the Houston.pm Mailing List page and fill out the form to subscribe.

If mailing lists aren't your thing, we also announce the meetings on the Houston.pm Google+ page.

There is also a Houston.pm Twitter account.

If you feel like contributing, you can volunteer to give a presentation or lead a discussion. Any topic that may be of interest to Perl programmers is welcome. You don't have to be an expert in the topic, we often have presentations just to see other views of a topic.

If you are uncomfortable with public speaking, Houston.pm is a good place to start. The group is friendly and doesn't heckle. Several of our members have also used a technical meeting to practice a talk before presenting it elsewhere. The group has been happy to provide input and suggestions to improve if you ask for it.

Bring your curiosity, questions, problem code, or expertise to share.