Presentations for 2012

January 2012
Presenter: Nicolas Rochelemagne
Nicolas presented an overview of object oriented programming in Perl. After covering the basics, he surveyed the different Perl modules that provide support for OO in Perl.
February 2012
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark Allen introduced the Dist::Zilla distribution building module from the point of view of someone who is new to the module.
March 2012
Presenter: brian d foy
brian was back in Houston and volunteered to give an early look at the "Advanced Modulinos" talk he plans for the summer conference season. The modulino technique arose as a way to make scripts more testable. In this presentation, brian explains how to convert a script into a modulino as well as best practices for refactoring to make it more testable and flexible. Since the presentation was not complete at the time of the presentation, brian then lead a discussion about other techniques and ideas that the group could identify for better modulinos. brian also talked quite a bit about his history and how he came to be the developer and author he is today.
April 2012
Presenter: Reini Urban
Reini describes a script he uses to test a large number of Perl versions as part of the development of the Perl compiler.
May 2012
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark indulged his curiosity about which Platform as a Service providers do a good job of supporting Perl.
June 2012
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade presented more high-level testing tools and strategies for testing, rather than the normal introduction to Perl unit testing which we have done in the past.
July 2012
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark presented an overview of using the git version control system with an emphasis on what the average Perl Hacker needs to know. Since this was a preview of the talk he planned to give at OSCON, the audience was able to help improve the talk. The audience was a good mix of people with little or no git experience as well as old-hands. The audience appeared to enjoy the talk and enjoyed helping in the improvements.
September 2012
Presenter: Fraser Baker
Fraser has a business providing a web-based administration system for businesses providing CAM services. In this talk, he presents some details on the Perl code that drives the system.
October 2012
Presenter: Erin Schoenhals
Many people use Perl for manipulating text files. Erin explains several of her favorite small techniques in this area.
November 2012
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
This month's meeting was mostly a discussion of small scripts and techniques that different people use for getting work done in their day.