Presentations for 2018

January 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown presented the results of his look into the Bedrock project. This project builds a distributed database on top of SQLite.
February 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson presented his impressions about being a professional Ruby programmer for the last 2.5 years, contrasted with his experience as a Perl programmer.
March 2018
Presenter: JD Lightsey and Mark Gardner
This month was a pair of presentations. Mark Gardner described building a robot project for a GEMS conference. JD Lightsey followed up with a dive into security flaws in the AWStats program.
April 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson demonstrates a simple web application built in both Ruby on Rails and Dancer2 on Perl.
May 2018
Presenter: J. D. Lightsey
J. D. Lightsey gave a quick overview of the concept of Threat Modeling and demonstrated approaches for doing threat modeling.
June 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown described attempting to add a feature to a tool for synchronizing bookmarks. In the process, he learned about ECMAScript 8. This presentation explores what he learned.
July 2018
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark Allen decided to cut back on his Twitter use. Since he now needed a new smartphone activity, he turned to DuoLingo and began studying Russian. This lead to the construction of a Perl module to handle declining Russian pronouns, adjectives, and nouns.
August 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown explores the usage of the Arangodb NoSQL database as used a website he's working on.
September 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson presents the results of some benchmarking of different approaches to parsing short text strings.
October 2018
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone presented a comparison between the monolithic style of architecture and a microservices style. He highlighted the benefits of the microservices style to show the advantages of a change.
November 2018
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd Rinaldo described the difficulty with testing file-level checks on a system administration tool. He describes the testing and a new module to solve this problem.