Presentations for 2017

January 2017
Presenter: Various
Tonight's meeting featured a set of short talks on various topics. Robert Stone did a talk on TDD. Julian Brown presented a kind of radix sort that the inventer claims is faster than the standard Perl sort. Jocelyn Kirby presented about Sessions in web applications. G. Wade Johnson presented some vim tips. And, Michael R. Davis finished the presentations with an introduction to some of his CPAN modules.
January 26, 2017
Topic: cperl
Presenter: Reini Urban
Reini Urban gave a presentation highlighting several of the features of the cperl fork of the perl programming language.
February 2017
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone delves into the cipher used by the Zodiac Killer in his newspaper announcements. He describes substitution ciphers and then shows how a homophonic substitution cipher fixes many of its problems. He ends by describing how the Zodiac Killer's cipher was solved.