Presentations for 2017

January 2017
Presenter: Various
Tonight's meeting featured a set of short talks on various topics. Robert Stone did a talk on TDD. Julian Brown presented a kind of radix sort that the inventer claims is faster than the standard Perl sort. Jocelyn Kirby presented about Sessions in web applications. G. Wade Johnson presented some vim tips. And, Michael R. Davis finished the presentations with an introduction to some of his CPAN modules.
January 26, 2017
Topic: cperl
Presenter: Reini Urban
Reini Urban gave a presentation highlighting several of the features of the cperl fork of the perl programming language.
February 2017
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone delves into the cipher used by the Zodiac Killer in his newspaper announcements. He describes substitution ciphers and then shows how a homophonic substitution cipher fixes many of its problems. He ends by describing how the Zodiac Killer's cipher was solved.
March 2017
Presenter: Various
Jim Bacon, Robert Stone, and Jocelyn Kirby gave short presentations on health topics that can apply to developers.
April 2017
Topic: p5hack
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd Rinaldo discussed the p5hack hack-a-thon this year in Amsterdam. He described the purpose of the meeting and some of the decisions that came out of the meeting.
May 2017
Presenter: Various
The goal this meeting was to do some code reviews as a group. The idea was that we would learn from each other's techniques and knowledge.
June 2017
Presenter: Various
JD Lightsey suggested that the group make an attempt at the Perl Programming challenge that proposed for their May 2017 meeting. Eveyone was suggested to make an attempt.
July 2017
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd Rinaldo has been working on the guts of Perl recently as part of the Perl compiler project at cPanel. This talk covers some of what he has learned about working with the internals of perl.
August 2017
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone describes the troubleshooting techniques he used to reverse engineer a game to see if he could automate some of the boring parts of the game.
September 2017
Presenter: Various
Three different people demonstrated different approaches to developing a web application. One showed a Dancer-based note taking app. Another showed how mod_perl has different trade-offs than a framework. The last showed a simple single page CGI script. Then, we saw info about an attack on suid. The final presentation talked about Perl's minimum perfect hashes.
October 2017
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown ran a session where the attendees worked on the initial design brainstorming for a project. We started with an idea proposed by Michael Davis for a PSGI package that would set up a web service with minimal configuration.
November 2017
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd leads a session to hack on Perl code from the RT queue. The idea is to find and fix at least one bug as a team.