Data Visualization with Perl and SVG

This month, Wade presented a preview of his YAPC::NA talk entitled Data Visualization with Perl and SVG. After working our way through some technical difficulties, the talk proceeded with the group appearing reasonably interested.

After the formal part of the talk, members of the group quizzed Wade for quite some time about the capabilities of SVG. On the whole, we ended up discussing the technology and many ways it has been used, as well as the range of capabilities of the format. It seems this one application served as a good gateway to general interest in SVG, at least among this group.

When that discussion was completed, Todd Rinaldo asked for advice and help from the group on solving a problem that he was trying to solve with the Net::Ident CPAN module.

The turn-out was okay at 9, with two of those attending remotely through DimDim. We'd like to thank cPanel, Inc. for providing the meeting space and food for the group.