Introduction to Perl: Testing

The talk was well attended. Based on the amount of note-taking going on, several people found the topic interesting.

This presentation was basically a first draft of the talk that Wade was to give at this year's YAPC::NA. As such, it wasn't quite as beginner as intended.

Despite this, Wade spent some time on the philosophy and reasons behind testing code, automated unit testing in particular. He also spent time showing how to use the widely used Test::More library to do automated testing. The goal was to expose the audience to both the skills needed to begin unit testing in a Perl environment and also to explain the benefit you gain from this exercise.

The presentation is available.

We had 18 people attending this month. As always, we'd like to thank cPanel, Inc. for providing the meeting space and food for the group.

UPDATE: the final presentation prepared for YAPC::NA is now available on my website.