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March 11th, 2021 Meeting πŸ”—

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Call for Lightning Talks

We are planning to have a meeting with short 10 minute or so Lightning talks. Come prepared to talk for a few minutes about a project you are working, or are interested in.

Contact Julian Brown if you have a moment before hand so you can be scheduled.

Date and Time: Thur March 11th at 6:00 PM Central Time

February 11th, 2021 meeting πŸ”—

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This month, Mark Gardner will present Better Perl: Subroutine signatures and type validation.

Date and Time: Thur February 11th at 6:00 PM Central Time

January 2021 meeting πŸ”—

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This month, Brett Estrade will present Atomic Operations in Unix (and Perl).

Commands in Unix such as ln and mv can be used as synchronization primitives for managing child processes. Examples will be shown using both bash and perl.

Brett Estrade (ESTRABD on CPAN)

Date and Time: Thur January 14th at 6:00 PM Central Time

tCMS: Yet another CMS written in perl πŸ”—

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December 2020

George Baugh talks about his work on his CMS called tCMS.

Process Management Modules in Perl πŸ”—

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November 2020
Presenter: Brett Estrade
Brett covers some process management in Perl, including MCE and Parallel::ForkManager::Segmented

A /usr/bin/sendmail like perl script that uses SendGrid email delivery service πŸ”—

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October 2020
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown will describe a Perl script he wrote that uses SendGrid to handle outgoing server email. He'll cover the process, the script, and some DNS configuration.
Topic: Demystifying MOPs - a Crash Course in Metaprogramming
Presenter: Evan Carroll
Evan describes a real-world scenario where he used the MOP to test an interface for third-party code.

2001: How our Grandfathers wrote OO Perl πŸ”—

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September 2020
Presenter: Brett Estrade
Brett Estrade will tour the book Object Oriented Perl: A Comprehensive Guide to Concepts and Programming Techniques by Damien Conway. The book shows the old approach to OO in Perl.

Perl 7: An Opinionated Introduction πŸ”—

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August 2020
Presenter: James Keenan
James Keenan gives an introduction to the upcoming Perl 7 release. This is a chance to continue evolving Perl into the future, while providing a point to disconnect from some legacy behavior.

Update on TPCiC and Perl 7, plus discussion πŸ”—

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July 2020
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
For this month's remote meeting, Todd Rinaldo will give a summary of where Perl stands today. We'll go on from there to a more general discussion among the teams.

June Remote Social Meeting πŸ”—

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June 2020
A group of us hang out on Zoom and talk about whatever comes to mind.

A TDD approach to learning πŸ”—

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May 2020
Presenter: Evan Carroll
We'll hear from Evan Carroll about a project he's working on, and any other subjects we think to discuss.

SQL 101 πŸ”—

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April 2020
Topic: SQL 101
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown covers the basics of SQL in this fundamentals talk.

Perl Data Structures: Tips, Tricks, and Traps πŸ”—

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March 2020
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Making the best use of Perl includes understanding and using its data structures. G. Wade Johnson will present the major Perl data structures, dipping slightly into implementation, but focusing mostly on the effective use of those structures.

Coverage guided fuzzing the Perl interpreter πŸ”—

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February 2020
Presenter: John Lightsey
John Lightsey will present an early version of a talk he has scheduled for The Perl and Raku Conference this year. The talk will cover using fuzzing in analysis of the Perl interpreter. If you have interest in security, Perl, or fuzz testing, this will be the talk for you.

Deploying Perl Applications πŸ”—

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January 2020
Presenter: Julian Brown
Except in the case of simple standalone scripts, Perl applications usually consist of multiple modules and the perl executable. In this discussion, we want to cover some of the ways you can deploy a Perl application to any environment.

Constants: What They Provide and How to Mock Them πŸ”—

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November 2019
Presenter: Evan Carroll
Evan Carroll covers another aspect of testing in Perl by mocking constants.
Topic: Using Regular Expressions
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade gives a different regular expression talk, focusing on how to use them instead of focusing on the syntax.

Cross-language Object-Oriented Mechanics πŸ”—

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October 2019
Presenter: Evan Carroll
Evan Carroll covers some of the reasons for using an Object Oriented paradigm when programming. He shows how Perl and a few other languages implement the appropriate concepts.

Panel Discussion on Object Oriented Programming πŸ”—

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September 2019
Presenter: Julian Brown
Instead of a presentation, this is more of a question and answer session about Object Oriented Programming.

Basic Unit Testing Concepts in Perl πŸ”—

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August 2019
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
Wade starts with some unit testing basics, introduces some of the Perl unit test frameworks, and then focuses on concepts and tricks to help you get more from your unit tests. While not attempting to cover the whole subject of unit testing, there should be something here for most.

Test::Spec, Test Using a Declarative Testing Framework πŸ”—

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Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown describes his experiences with the Test::Spec unit testing framework.

Julian in the Land of NoSQL πŸ”—

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June 2019
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown will be exploring the usage of the Arangodb NoSQL database as used a website he's working on.

Getting Started With OpenShift - Using Containers for SysOps and Engineering πŸ”—

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May 2019
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone will do a demo of OpenShift, showing some of the high points of functionality.

Subtle Magic: Moving to Dancer2/DBIx::Class/TT πŸ”—

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April 2019
Presenter: Ruth Holloway
Read the documentation, we're told, but there's always more to learn. When I started working with Dancer2, DBIx::Class, and Template Toolkit last fall, I'd seen the basics, but I found out very quickly that there's much more to learn. The capabilities of this stack can influence application design from the ground up database tables, all the way to the final frameworks you might choose to use on the frontend, and not all of those repercussions are immediately clear from merely reading the documentation! In this talk, we'll learn about some of the strengths of these modules and demonstrate how their capabilities can be leveraged to help you work faster and write great web-based applications.

make-ing a Static website πŸ”—

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March 2019
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson has been maintaining the website for years. Over time, he wrote a bit of code to make maintaining the site easier. In this presentation, he explains that code.

Automating multi-server workflows with Ansible πŸ”—

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February 2019
Presenter: J. D. Lightsey
J. D. Lightsey describes how he has used Ansible as a workflow system to automate processes for some personal servers.

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