Tips, Tricks, and Picks

Each of the nine attendees presented one or more items to the group. Almost every single pick resulted in questions and discussion. This meeting ran quite a bit longer than most because of the discussions.

Julian Brown

Julian began the meeting by recommending a pair of programming books:

John (J.D.) Lightsey

J.D. has been working in OpenStack recently. He talked about OpenStack's support for workflows. This lead to a discussion about parsing YAML files using YAQL.

Chris Mevissen

Chris introduced us to the set of challenges that were presented on the Advent of Code site. Each day, a different programming challenge was presented for people to solve. Chris spent time showing us the digit counting problem that he was solving most recently.

Chris also talked about profiling work he has done recently with NYTProf.

He also picked a couple of subreddits: /r/programming and /r/programmerhumor.

Austin Naremore

Austin covered a variety of topics with his picks:

Robert Stone

Robert talked about several things he has been working on recently. He also said that he took picks concept too seriously on his last pick.

Brandon Husbands

Middleware for Second Life he worked on: DCS2. System for building games in Second Life back in 2006. He monetized the project by having people sell his items in their games.

Xaxiar Steavenson

Xaviar talked about his experimentation with the HoloLens.

Wade Johnson

Wade said that he wanted to cover a range of areas with his picks.

Trac Taylor

Trac has been doing quite a bit of DBI work lately. He talked about some of his recent work. Particular focus on the following:


We had 9 people attending this month. As always, we'd like to thank Hostgator, LLC for providing the meeting space and food for the group.