Introduction to Catalyst

Robert Boone presented an introduction to the Catalyst web application framework.

Robert pointed out that there are three modules that you will want to make sure to install when using Catalyst:

The Catalyst functionality is supplied by three major pieces:

As an example, he demonstrated his RedX code snippet server. The database code is all defined in one module using the module DBIx::Class. The Catalyst code then just uses the class interface for all database access. The DBIx::Class:SchemaLoader simplifies defining classes from an existing database.

He also demonstrated the Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate modules which generate syntax-highlighted HTML from source code. Robert also mentioned the Text::VimColor module that uses the vim editor for its syntax highlighting. He also demonstrated Catalyst::Controller::FormBuilder, which simplifies building forms through the use of templates.

The best source for Catalyst information is the IRC channel. Robert does say to be careful, they can be a bit rough on newbies. You should check the Catalyst website to find the most up-to-date plugins.

A potential pitfall worth remembering is that the YAML file that Catalyst uses for configuration can override any configuration that you may think you have done.