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Testing Rakudo
March 11th, 2021 Meeting
Testing in Perl
SQL 101
Subroutines, Closures, and Coderefs
Accessing a USB device from Perl, part 2.
Upload Your First Module to CPAN
Automated Browser Interaction Using WWW::Selenium
Development Tools for Perl
Benchmarking Perl Routines
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Moose
SVG from Perl
Introducing Erlang
A JSON parser regex
Complete Beginner's Introduction to Perl and the Perl Community
A /usr/bin/sendmail like perl script that uses SendGrid email delivery service
A Web-based Defect Management/Tracking System Developed Non-Programmer

Emacs and Screen
Basic/Intermediate Perl regular expressions (part 2 of 2)
Julian Brown
Automating multi-server workflows with Ansible
p2: The Design and VM of a Next Generation Perl (11 = 5+6)
Comparison of Rails and Dancer2
Cooking with Cobbler
Panel Discussion on Object Oriented Programming
Open Perl Help Session
The Musical Instrument Known as Perl
Cross-language Object-Oriented Mechanics
A Set of Short Talks
Pari/GP and Perl - Past, Present and Future
A Report on YAPC::NA 2006
Introduction to Catalyst
The Net::Jabber::Bot Project
Threat Modeling
Basic Unit Testing Concepts in Perl
Test::Spec, Test Using a Declarative Testing Framework
Perl Standard Modules
What Every Perl Programmer Should Know: tips, tricks, and common knowledge
Perl Object?
Intro to Dancer
Text::Query and Getopt::Long
Perl 6: an Overview
A Clear Text Explanation of the AES Cipher
Introduction to PDF::API2 and HTML::Template
Using Perl to Learn a Foreign Language
Live Code Reviews
Parsing Command Line Options
Beginning Moose
Julian Brown
Accessing a USB device from Perl
Perl 7: An Opinionated Introduction
Making the Computer Work for You
Graphics in Perl Group Projects
The FUSE File System
Design Hack
Hack-a-thon and Perl Help Session
The Qore Language ... for Perl ProgrammersBit Hacks on IP Ranges
Perl Data Structures: Tips, Tricks, and Traps
Intro to Git for Perl Hackers
Catalyst, DBIC, and TT for world domination, a preview
Adding Forks to Your Perly Tableware
Intro to Object Oriented Perl
June Remote Social Meeting
The Perl Compiler
Introduction to ASN.1 BER Encoding
Auditing CPAN for Security Vulnerabilities
Jumpstart into Perl
Perl Regular Expressions
Using Perl as a Command Line Tool
A Metasploit module for Locale::Maketext format string attack
Perl Module: Regexp::Common
Introduction to Perl: Testing
Intro to Perl DBI
January 2021 meeting
Programming Paradigms in Perl Coding challenge
Performance of Parsing Short Strings
Basic/Intermediate Perl regular expressions (part 1 of 2)
Advanced Modulinos

April 8th, 2021
Monthly Meetings
2001: How our Grandfathers wrote OO Perl July Hack-a-thon
An Introduction to Work Queuing with
How Functional Programming Made Me Better at Perl
A TDD approach to learning
Gray-ish Hat Adventures In Automating Mobile Game Play: Why Tap When You Could Automate?
Coverage guided fuzzing the Perl interpreter
Solving Wordbrain
Moose -It's the new camel
Exception Handling in Perl
Getting gutsy with perl5
Open Perl Help Session
Subtle Magic: Moving to Dancer2/DBIx::Class/TT
A Small On Line Wellness Business Built Using Perl
RRDtool Tips and Traps
Publishing CPAN Modules with Dist::Zilla
Perl Platform as a Service Shootout
Indexing Stuff & Things with Sphinx and Perl
Perl/Tk 101
DistZilla from one newb to another
Perl Unit Testing: Tools and Techniques
Update on TPCiC and Perl 7, plus discussion
The Net::Jabber::Bot Project, continued
Net::Jabber::Bot Project
Constants: What They Provide and How to Mock Them
Time Progressions with string and DateTimeFrom
AWStats Flaws and Making a Cute Robot with Perl
Your Perl is Slow (and it does not have to be)
Bag of Tricks
Introduction to Perl, Part 2
Pseudo-Random Number Generation - How it Works, What the CIA Knows, and What Options Exist in Perl?
Maintaining Developer Mental and Physical Health
Programming Editors for Perl
FlexSC: Exception-Less System Calls
A Look at Bedrock, a Distributed SQLite DB
An Overview of Subversion and Introduction to Caching
Perl Module: PARhttpGrab.exehttpGrab.par
Delcom VSI/LibUSB Project
Process Management Modules in Perl - A Perl5 CGI library

How to Disagree - But Still Be Agreeable
Perl Web Frameworks
Accessing a USB device from Perl, part 3.
A Few Short Topics
Homophonic Substitution Cipher: Cracking the Code of a Killer
Monolithic vs Microservice: Can Davids Really Take Down Goliath?
Ruby for Perl Programmers
Julian in the land of NoSQL
The Template Toolkit
Perl Core Language: References and Quoting
Looking back to 2018, what I learnt from XS and Dist::Zilla
Reconstructing an SQL injection from its fix
February 11th, 2021 meeting
Show and Tell with Role::Tiny and CGI::Application::DispatchUTF-8 and Perl
Creating Perl Modules
Statement Modifiers and Loop Control
tCMS: Yet another CMS written in perl
Data Visualization with Perl and SVG
Web Framework Comparisons
What Every Perl Programmer Should Know: tips, tricks, and common knowledge, part 2
May 13th, 2021 Meeting
Deploying Perl Applications
make-ing a Static website
Perl List Operations
Binary Tree Serialization Techniques
Getting Started With OpenShift - Using Containers for SysOps and Engineering
Julian in the Land of NoSQL
Weaponizing Perl Serialization Flaws with Metasploit
Algorithmic Complexity Made Simple
Hooking up your distribution to TravisCI and
Best Practices Gone Bad
Floccus, an adventure in Ecmascript 8
The Read Copy Update Pattern in the Linux Kernel
Using Perl::Critic to Improve Code
Perl and Bioinformatics
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