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make-ing a Static website πŸ”— 1553126400  

March 2019
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson has been maintaining the website for years. Over time, he wrote a bit of code to make maintaining the site easier. In this presentation, he explains that code.

Automating multi-server workflows with Ansible πŸ”— 1550707200  

February 2019
Presenter: J. D. Lightsey
J. D. Lightsey describes how he has used Ansible as a workflow system to automate processes for some personal servers.

Looking back to 2018, what I learnt from XS and Dist::Zilla πŸ”— 1548028800  

January 2019
Presenter: Nicolas Rochelemagne
Nicolas Rochelemagne gave a little retrospective of 2018. He included a best of section and some lessons he learned concerning DistZilla and XS.

Monolithic vs Microservice: Can Davids Really Take Down Goliath? πŸ”— 1540080000  

October 2018
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone presented a comparison between the monolithic style of architecture and a microservices style. He highlighted the benefits of the microservices style to show the advantages of a change.

Performance of Parsing Short Strings πŸ”— 1537488000  

September 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson presents the results of some benchmarking of different approaches to parsing short text strings.

Julian in the land of NoSQL πŸ”— 1534809600  

August 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown explores the usage of the Arangodb NoSQL database as used a website he's working on.

Using Perl to Learn a Foreign Language πŸ”— 1532131200  

July 2018
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark Allen decided to cut back on his Twitter use. Since he now needed a new smartphone activity, he turned to DuoLingo and began studying Russian. This lead to the construction of a Perl module to handle declining Russian pronouns, adjectives, and nouns.

Floccus, an adventure in Ecmascript 8 πŸ”— 1529539200  

June 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown described attempting to add a feature to a tool for synchronizing bookmarks. In the process, he learned about ECMAScript 8. This presentation explores what he learned.

Threat Modeling πŸ”— 1526860800  

May 2018
Presenter: J. D. Lightsey
J. D. Lightsey gave a quick overview of the concept of Threat Modeling and demonstrated approaches for doing threat modeling.

Comparison of Rails and Dancer2 πŸ”— 1524268800  

April 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson demonstrates a simple web application built in both Ruby on Rails and Dancer2 on Perl.

AWStats Flaws and Making a Cute Robot with Perl πŸ”— 1521590400  

March 2018
Presenter: JD Lightsey and Mark Gardner
This month was a pair of presentations. Mark Gardner described building a robot project for a GEMS conference. JD Lightsey followed up with a dive into security flaws in the AWStats program.

Ruby for Perl Programmers πŸ”— 1519171200  

February 2018
Presenter: G. Wade Johnson
G. Wade Johnson presented his impressions about being a professional Ruby programmer for the last 2.5 years, contrasted with his experience as a Perl programmer.

A Look at Bedrock, a Distributed SQLite DB πŸ”— 1516492800  

January 2018
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown presented the results of his look into the Bedrock project. This project builds a distributed database on top of SQLite.

Design Hack πŸ”— 1508544000  

October 2017
Presenter: Julian Brown
Julian Brown ran a session where the attendees worked on the initial design brainstorming for a project. We started with an idea proposed by Michael Davis for a PSGI package that would set up a web service with minimal configuration.

Web Framework Comparisons πŸ”— 1505952000  

September 2017
Presenter: Various
Three different people demonstrated different approaches to developing a web application. One showed a Dancer-based note taking app. Another showed how mod_perl has different trade-offs than a framework. The last showed a simple single page CGI script. Then, we saw info about an attack on suid. The final presentation talked about Perl's minimum perfect hashes.

Gray-ish Hat Adventures In Automating Mobile Game Play: Why Tap When You Could Automate? πŸ”— 1503273600  

August 2017
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone describes the troubleshooting techniques he used to reverse engineer a game to see if he could automate some of the boring parts of the game.

Getting gutsy with perl5 πŸ”— 1500595200  

July 2017
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd Rinaldo has been working on the guts of Perl recently as part of the Perl compiler project at cPanel. This talk covers some of what he has learned about working with the internals of perl. Coding challenge πŸ”— 1498003200  

June 2017
Presenter: Various
JD Lightsey suggested that the group make an attempt at the Perl Programming challenge that proposed for their May 2017 meeting. Eveyone was suggested to make an attempt.

Live Code Reviews πŸ”— 1495324800  

May 2017
Presenter: Various
The goal this meeting was to do some code reviews as a group. The idea was that we would learn from each other's techniques and knowledge.

p5hack πŸ”— 1492732800  

April 2017
Topic: p5hack
Presenter: Todd Rinaldo
Todd Rinaldo discussed the p5hack hack-a-thon this year in Amsterdam. He described the purpose of the meeting and some of the decisions that came out of the meeting.

Maintaining Developer Mental and Physical Health πŸ”— 1490054400  

March 2017
Presenter: Various
Jim Bacon, Robert Stone, and Jocelyn Kirby gave short presentations on health topics that can apply to developers.

Homophonic Substitution Cipher: Cracking the Code of a Killer πŸ”— 1487635200  

February 2017
Presenter: Robert Stone
Robert Stone delves into the cipher used by the Zodiac Killer in his newspaper announcements. He describes substitution ciphers and then shows how a homophonic substitution cipher fixes many of its problems. He ends by describing how the Zodiac Killer's cipher was solved.

cperl πŸ”— 1484956800  

January 2017
Topic: cperl
Presenter: Reini Urban
Reini Urban gave a presentation highlighting several of the features of the cperl fork of the perl programming language.

How Functional Programming Made Me Better at Perl πŸ”— 1477008000  

October 2016
Presenter: Mark Allen
Mark Allen discusses the way doing functional programming in Erlang has changed how he approaches problems. He then introduced how to use some of this insight in Perl.

The Read Copy Update Pattern in the Linux Kernel πŸ”— 1474416000  

September 2016
Presenter: Julian Brown
Continuing with the lock-free architecture topic Julian introduced at an earlier meeting, he covered the Read-Copy-Update strategy.

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