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Julian Brown:

January 2021 meeting πŸ”— 1609184744  

This month, Brett Estrade will present Atomic Operations in Unix (and Perl).

Commands in Unix such as ln and mv can be used as synchronization primitives for managing child processes. Examples will be shown using both bash and perl.

Brett Estrade (ESTRABD on CPAN)

Date and Time: Thur January 14th at 6:00 PM Central Time

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Monthly Meetings πŸ”— 1609364585  

Our meetings happen on the 2nd Thursday of the Month. Group Projects πŸ”— 1609006433  

Some members Houston Perl Mongers Group have worked together on projects that we would like to share with the community at large. Information about these projects will be listed here. This page lists both active projects and proposed projects.

Active projects each have their own page. The page contains information about the project including the Project Lead/Organizer, a list of developers working on the project, any reference materials, and links to download code associated with the project. This should work as long as each project remains relatively small. Any project that grows too large to maintain on a single page could be moved to SourceForge or some other collaborative development environment at the discretion of the Project Lead.

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